Educational Courses

What can I study?

There are courses ranging from level 1 up to level 4 available at Weston College and Badgworth Arena. All have different entry requirements and range from beginner level, where you can begin to learn to handle and work with horses, up to advanced level where you can develop higher skills and knowledge such as including equine management, competition riding teaching and equine science.

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The academic year begins every September and the courses range from 1 to 2 years (on a full time basis). There are part time options available at higher education level.


Your week is split across two Weston College campuses. Half your week will be based at Knightstone Campus where all your theory work will take place. The other half of the week will be based at Badgworth Arena where further theory sessions will take place as well as your practical work.


There is a dedicated team that are involved in teaching on the equine programmes at both sites. They are all qualified to a high level and experienced in a range of areas within the equine industry, some examples being dressage, showing, physiotherapy, welfare and rehabilitation, BHS registered instructors.


These courses prepare you at any level to progress onto further or higher education or onto employment. Some learners have gone on to own their own businesses, progressed to racing school to become a jockey, become teachers, and many more opportunities have been gained, including going to university.