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Badgworth Arena Equestrian Centre British Dressage
Sunday, May 15, 2022 – Sunday, May 15, 2022
Class 11 Preliminary Test 17(a)  Q Bronze, Silver, GoldJudge/s
TimeBridle NoRiderBD RegHorse
09:0016Trina Phillips1919690YDRA
09:0727Anna James283738Nanook Bear
09:1454Sophie Lawson1914894Llanarth Magestic
09:2132Iris Snellgrove1915155Miss Diplodocus
09:2853Emma Pearce1043804The Gamblers Bonanza
09:3557Mia Marshall1918772Wishes Violet Skies
09:4230Zofia Matyjasik1713669Lyttle Pippa
09:4918Joanne Hutter1914776Stormhill Shamrock
09:5658Jane Vosper163597Llanarth Ellis
Class 22 Preliminary Test 19  Q Bronze, Silver, GoldJudge/s
TimeBridle NoRiderBD RegHorse
10:2227Anna James283738Nanook Bear
10:2954Sophie Lawson1914894Llanarth Magestic
10:3632Iris Snellgrove1915155Miss Diplodocus
10:4353Emma Pearce1043804The Gamblers Bonanza
10:5048Lisa O Connell1510168Cyntaf Just Jack
10:5757Mia Marshall1918772Wishes Violet Skies
11:0430Zofia Matyjasik1713669Lyttle Pippa
11:1119Charlotte Warren1921277Bunahow Tubber
11:1818Joanne Hutter1914776Stormhill Shamrock
11:2558Jane Vosper163597Llanarth Ellis
Class 33 Novice Test 22  Bronze, Silver, GoldJudge/s
TimeBridle NoRiderBD RegHorse
11:4039Charlie CornishRio
11:4748Lisa O Connell1510168Cyntaf Just Jack
11:5442Louisa Chatting1915783First Mohican 1
12:0122Kim Walker278076Dom Perignon IV
12:0828Julie Anthony131792Jaguar (MSF)
12:1545Michele Luckwell1812231Pied Piper X
12:2235Jemma Greatbanks402396Just William V
12:2926Lucy Gay1812874Lisa Says No
12:3640Charlie CornishOliver
12:4349Lisa O Connell1510168Prancers pride
12.514Pippa ChambersWest Tide
Class 44 Novice Test 37(a)  Q Bronze, Silver, GoldJudge/s
TimeBridle NoRiderBD RegHorse
13:1536Jemma Greatbanks402396Just William V
13:2223Aimee Buchanan1011550Philo
13:2929Morgan Roynon1921653May Day
13:3626Lucy Gay1812874Lisa Says No
13:4342Louisa Chatting1915783First Mohican 1
13:5049Lisa O Connell1510168Prancers pride
13:5722Kim Walker278076Dom Perignon IV
14:0445Michele Luckwell1812231Pied Piper X
14:1143Fern Rees1712432BGM Calista
14:1844Rachel Frost237019Dspecial
14:2550Jessica Ainsworth1911581Deano
14:3241Amy Durkin1611332Houleys Faerie Legend
Class 55 Elementary Test 40  Bronze, Silver, GoldJudge/s
TimeBridle NoRiderBD RegHorse
14:4529Morgan Roynon1921653May Day
14:5231Zofia Matyjasik1713669Mr Beau Jingles
14:5917Iona Stokes1610881Hamiro
15:0624Alanna Skuse1918832Kelshamore Harvey
15:1343Fern Rees1712432BGM Calista
15:2051Mia Hadley1811842Branchfield Princess
15:2744Rachel Frost237019Dspecial
15:3450Jessica Ainsworth1911581Deano
15:4156Carol Quantrill206520Cormoy Lad
Class 66 Elementary Test 57  Q Bronze, Silver, GoldJudge/s 
TimeBridle NoRiderHorse 
15:5531Zofia MatyjasikMr Beau Jingles 
16:0241Amy DurkinHouleys Faerie Legend 
16:0933Rebecca SteerFARNESE II 
16:1651Mia HadleyBranchfield Princess 
Class 77 Medium Test 61  Bronze, Silver, GoldJudge/s 
TimeBridle NoRiderHorse 
16:4046Jenny TannerLaurentino II 
16:4720Maizie RansomeRain Dancer 
16:5421silke lynhamFilion 
17:0125Sue FrancisThe Running Total 
17:0833Rebecca SteerFARNESE II 
17:1555Clare HainsworthRudino 
17:2234Gaynor LomasKhopeful ‘T’ 
17.2970Danielle RodesMillfields Lancelot 
17.3571Chloe DawesDanibelle Delicious 
Class 88 Medium Test 75  Q Bronze, Silver, GoldJudge/s 
TimeBridle NoRiderHorse 
17:5546Jenny TannerLaurentino II 
18:0220Maizie RansomeRain Dancer 
18:0955Clare HainsworthRudino 
18.1670Danielle RodesMillfields Lancelot 
18.2371Chloe DawesDanibelle Delicious 
Class 99 Unaffiliated Preliminary Test 15Judge/s 
TimeBridle NoRiderHorse 
08:3547Sophie DaviesPembroke Royal Prince 
08:4252Rachel NorthmoreNelson 
08:4937Hilary ForbesMarksy 
Class 1010 Preliminary Test 19Judge/s 
TimeBridle NoRiderHorse 
10:1538Hannah ClarkeRio 


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