Schedule and Times

Badgworth Arena Equestrian Centre British Dressage Quest
Friday, May 13, 2022 – Friday, May 13, 2022
Class 11 My Quest Open Intro Test A  BronzeJudge/s
TimeBridle NoRiderHorse
12:0025Kestra FrenchPicton Lucky Lady
12:0722Liz LukinsDiamond Dawn II
12:1419Irena OrchardClonlara’s beauty
12:2118Helen Jacks-HewettCraydon Jonty
Class 55 My Quest Open Prelim Test 13  BronzeJudge/s
TimeBridle NoRiderHorse
12:4526Lucy CounsellInsey Winsey Cinsey
12:5224Portly FrenchBlackthorn Poem
12:5919Irena OrchardClonlara’s beauty
13:0620Megan DrowerUtah’sGlow
13:1322Liz LukinsDiamond Dawn II
13:2023Sarah Love-JonesAce
13:2721Laura FelthamMonico
13:3416Charlotte WarrenBunahow Tubber
Class 99 My Quest Open Novice Test 24  BronzeJudge/s
TimeBridle NoRiderHorse
14:0017Alexandra SelleThe Lampo-Genie
14:0720Megan DrowerUtah’sGlow
14:1423Sarah Love-JonesAce
14:2127Lucy CounsellI Ellie Jay Bumble


1st  Working Hunter show

2nd Working hunter clinic

4th  Evening Jumping Higher

7th Unaffiliated Jumping

11th Evening Jumping Lower

13th Team Quest Day time, entries, and schedule on My Riding Life Junior classes in the afternoon

15th British Dressage, entries, and schedule on My Riding Life and Unaffiliated classes

18th Evening  Jumping Higher

25th Evening Jumping Lower


8th Evening Jumping Higher

11th Working Hunter Show

12th Showing Show

15th Unaffiliated Day time Dressage, NO EVENING JUMPING

16th British Dressage Entries and schedule on My Riding Life


25th Unaffiliated Jumping

26th Senior British show Jumping Entries and schedule on My Riding Life

29th Evening Jumping Lower


2nd Team Quest Entries and schedule on My Riding Life

3rd British Dressage Entries and schedule on My Riding Life

6th Evening Jumping Higher 

10th Unaffiliated Jumping

13th Evening Jumping Lower

16th Showing show, Move from the 17th

20th No Evening Jumping

24th British Showjumping Junior and Seniors


31st Sunday Unaffiliated Show Jumping 

Dressage Friday May 13th Day time

Class 1    My Quest Open Intro Test A

Class 3   Team Quest Open Introductory Test B

Class 5     My Quest Open Prelim Test 13

Class 7    Team Quest Open Preliminary Test 18 (Rev 2016)

Class 9    My Quest Open Novice Test 24

Class 11  Team Quest Open Novice Test 34 

Junior Classes will not start before 4pm

Class 2 My Quest U21 Introductory Test A

Class 4 Team Quest U21 Intro Test B

Class 6  My Quest U21 Preliminary Test 13

Class 8 Team Quest U21 Preliminary Test 18 (Rev 2016)

Class 10  My Quest U21 Novice Test 24

Class 12  Team Quest U21 Novice Test 34

All entries on my riding life, Entries close 9/5/22

To compete in Quest classes you need to become a club member, this will also allow you to compete in British Dressage competitions at Prelim level and combined training, as well as music classes, go to BD website for details

May 15th British Dressage and Unaffiliated 

Class 1 Preliminary Test 17(a)

Class 2 Preliminary Test 19

Class 3 Novice Test 22

Class 4 Novice Test 37(a)

Class 5 Elementary Test 40

Class 6 Elementary Test 57

Class 7 Medium Test 61

Class 8 Medium Test 75

Unaffiliated classes will be run in the Morning

Class 9 Preliminary Test 15

Class 10 Preliminary Test 19

Class 11 Novice Test 23 (Rev 2016)

Class 12 Novice Test 38

All Entries on My Riding Life, Entries close 10/05/22