Schedule and Times

All show are subject to the current Government guide lines for Covid restrictions.


25th Senior BS

Badgworth Arena Equestrian Centre Senior British Show Jumping Cat 1

Sunday, July 25, 2021 – Sunday, July 25, 2021

Class 0 Clear Round Show Jumping
Bridle NoDrawn OrderHorseHorse RegOwner
4509:00DippyKatie Jansen
4309:02BMT CLASS ACT439497Hannah Thorne
3709:04Cooley Gold HRS387787Frances Keenan
4409:06NorahGill Brown
Class 1 SJ Dodson & Horrell 0.85m Amateur Championship Qualifier  0.85m
Bridle NoDrawn OrderHorseHorse RegOwner
4509:30DippyKatie Jansen
3709:33Cooley Gold HRS387787Frances Keenan
5009:36Hickador337315Paul Urch
4309:39BMT CLASS ACT439497Hannah Thorne
4409:42NorahGill Brown
3009:45MamZelle Tatin387565Amanda Bown
5909:48Hardy’s Violet423742Jessica Gearing
2409:51Guapa Alhaurino436291Katie Hyde
2009:54Cleo IX438319Beth Gibson
2509:57Hunting lady of dalwhinnie z414515Victoria Knight
2710:00Out of Time341131Erin Crofts
2910:03COURT PERFECT MATCH395595Jasmine Downes
3310:06Dancing Diamonds387119Georgia Hilton
3910:09Busy Lissie392636Niamh O’keeffe
4810:12Precious Charm419982Yasmin Pincott
4910:15Cottage Rose367941Yasmin Pincott
5110:18Riviera414357Paul Urch
Class 2 SJ Graham Heath Equestrian Novice Championship Qualifier  0.85m
Bridle NoDrawn OrderHorseHorse RegOwner
2010:40Cleo IX438319Beth Gibson
3710:43Cooley Gold HRS387787Frances Keenan
4310:46BMT CLASS ACT439497Hannah Thorne
2210:49Ballys Duke438419Charlotte Hollinshead
2810:52KL Vanity435952Jasmine Downes
3410:55Timings Boy437739Poppy Ladell
5810:58My little Miss candy438200Tara Byrtt
3511:01Faylinn utopia411052Lucy Hewlett
4211:04CVS Atalanta426064Shelley Alexander
4911:07Cottage Rose367941Yasmin Pincott
Class 3 SJ Dodson & Horrell 0.95m Amateur Championship Qualifier  0.95m
Bridle NoDrawn OrderHorseHorse RegOwner
2811:30KL Vanity435952Jasmine Downes
3511:33Faylinn utopia411052Lucy Hewlett
2511:36Hunting lady of dalwhinnie z414515Victoria Knight
3911:39Busy Lissie392636Niamh O’keeffe
2411:42Guapa Alhaurino436291Katie Hyde
3311:45Dancing Diamonds387119Georgia Hilton
2011:48Cleo IX438319Beth Gibson
4611:51Willow XX431469Louise Lennon
2111:54Dolderwydd Comet426995Vicky Govier
5211:57Chapparall374291Pierre Baber
4212:00CVS Atalanta426064Shelley Alexander
5512:03Balenciaga392173Laura Bool
2912:06COURT PERFECT MATCH395595Jasmine Downes
3612:09Wapleys tiny surprise351658Lucy Hewlett
Class 4 SJ 95cm Open Scope Championship Qualifier  0.95m
Bridle NoDrawn OrderHorseHorse RegOwner
2712:30Out of Time341131Erin Crofts
2312:33Kah Echo407203Rose Hollinshead
2112:36Dolderwydd Comet426995Vicky Govier
3612:39Wapleys tiny surprise351658Lucy Hewlett
5512:42Balenciaga392173Laura Bool
4712:45Valery363031Chloe Salway
Class 5 SJ 1.00m Novice Scope Championship Qualifier  1.00m
Bridle NoDrawn OrderHorseHorse RegOwner
5313:10Troy’s Mimi432548Lydia Stuart
4113:13Euphoria426408Jessica Parker
4613:16Willow XX431469Louise Lennon
5613:19All Heart419381Victoria White
5413:22Sanderscourt Furistos430152Lydia Stuart
Class 6 SJ Dodson & Horrell 1.05m Amateur Championship Qualifier  1.05m
Bridle NoDrawn OrderHorseHorse RegOwner
3113:40Kreez.t433764Lucy Hewlett
5313:43Troy’s Mimi432548Lydia Stuart
3813:46Hazelwood Baloubelle422971Helen Anderson
4113:49Euphoria426408Jessica Parker
4713:55Valery363031Chloe Salway
3213:58Lady of destiny422334Lucy Hewlett
5414:01Sanderscourt Furistos430152Lydia Stuart
Class 7 SJ Lord & Lady Equestrian Senior Newcomers/ 1.10m Open  1.10m
Bridle NoDrawn OrderHorseHorse RegOwner
3214:20Lady of destiny422334Lucy Hewlett
3814:23Hazelwood Baloubelle422971Helen Anderson
2614:26The Stig400805Emily Dimery
4014:29Rock dj374758Sofia Scriven
5714:32All Heart419381Victoria White
3114:35Kreez.t433764Lucy Hewlett